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We find high quality stones for jewelry three ways. Most are dug from the ground or found surface hunting at very specific rockhounding locations in the US or Mexico. Some come from old timers with high quality rock collections. And finally, certain gem and mineral shows have stones that are not available anywhere else because the source is exhausted or privately owned.

Hot Rock Hounding Spots: Needle Peak, Texas

If you are looking for one of the most remote and fascinating agate and fossil hunting areas in the US,  Needle Peak may be the place.  Almost all rock hunting is on surface terrain which has eroded and exposed rocks … Continue reading

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Hot Rockhounding Spots: Bouquet Agates

Bouquet agates are agates embedded with tiny colorful flower “bouquets” rather than the more common banded agate like those in the header photo above. Where are these most lovely and rare agates found? Bouquet agates are found in the Trans Pecos … Continue reading

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