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Learning more about unique types of agates, jaspers can be fascinating. Finding stones and then processing them through the cutting, shaping, and other lapidary steps gives one a unique perspective. The same is true for those making jewelry. Here, we describe some of those unique perspectives.

About Unique Semiprecious Stones: Fake Gemstone Beads

One of the oldest techniques for enhancing or faking stones is dying.  It’s relatively easy with porous stones like howlite which can be dyed to look like turquoise where the pores and spaces between the micro crystals allow dye to penetrate.  … Continue reading

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About Unique Semiprecious Stones: Turquoise Tidbits

Why is turquoise one of the most popular and valuable semiprecious stones in today’s jewelry market?  One reason is its color which varies from almost white to intense green to greenish blue to sky blue. Another reason is that it … Continue reading

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