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Jewelry Making Tips: Soldering Dissimilar Metals

All sterling silver oxidizes (tarnishes) over time.  But, if the components of a pendant, for example, are joined with Easy instead of Hard Solder, the soldered area may discolor more rapidly.  Silversmiths have three choices when silver soldering jewelry. In all … Continue reading

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Hot Rockhounding Spots: Bouquet Agates

Bouquet agates are agates embedded with tiny colorful flower “bouquets” rather than the more common banded agate like those in the header photo above. Where are these most lovely and rare agates found? Bouquet agates are found in the Trans Pecos … Continue reading

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About Unique Semiprecious Stones: Turquoise Tidbits

Why is turquoise one of the most popular and valuable semiprecious stones in today’s jewelry market?  One reason is its color which varies from almost white to intense green to greenish blue to sky blue. Another reason is that it … Continue reading

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Lapidary Tips: Fast Inexpensive Lapidary Slab Saw

 After finding or acquiring lapidary rough the work has just started in terms of cutting high quality slabs for cabbing.  Cutting rough into slabs can be time consuming especially using expensive slow cutting self feed diamond saws with oil lubricant … Continue reading

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